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ystudio Desk Fountain Pen


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ystudio Desk Fountain Pen

Made of the highest quality materials, the beautiful Desk Fountain Pen is a flawless and delicate pen by Taiwanese brand ystudio. Finely crafted from copper, this elegant and compact pen comes in two colours, black (‘Brassing’) and copper.
Inside the beautiful wooden box you will find a lovely rice paper booklet introducing the product and containing precious instructions on how to use, refill and look after your pen.
The black ‘brassing’ version is inspired by the designer’s love of vintage cameras and draws on the worn ‘black over brass’ that comes with time and use. You can create a personalised brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface using the sandpaper sheet provided in the box.
This superb pen is refillable and has a unique smoothness, featuring a hiqh-quality, beautifully designed nib by German manufacturer Schmidt.
Elegantly simple and an absolute pleasure to write with, this desk fountain pen will last you a lifetime.

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ystudio Desk Fountain Pen