Brush Pens and Markers

Discover the versatility and expressiveness of brush pens and markers with The Journal Shop's curated selection. Whether you're into calligraphy, sketching, or adding vibrant hues to your artwork, our range of Brush Pens and Markers offers something for every artist.

The beauty of brush pens and markers lies in their ability to produce a variety of strokes, from fine lines to broad sweeps, all with a single tool. That's why we've sourced a selection of high-quality brush pens and markers that offer smooth ink flow, durable tips, and a wide range of colours. Each product in our collection is chosen for its performance, quality, and ability to bring your artistic visions to life.

Our Brush Pens and Markers are perfect for artists looking to expand their toolkit. With options suitable for both beginners and professionals, you can find the ideal tools to suit your specific needs and techniques.

Dive into the world of artistic possibilities with our Brush Pens and Markers. Explore the collection today and find the perfect tools to unleash your creativity.


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Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pen
£3.39 £3.99 Sale
Fluorescent Yellow 001Fluorescent Orange 002Fluorescent Pink 003Fluorescent Green 004Black 010Red 020Light Carmine 021Carmine Red 022Scarlet Red 023Wine Red 024Pink 025Light Pink 026Dark Pink 027Pale Pink 028Geranium Red 029Blue 030Cobalt Blue 031Persian Blue 032Persian GreenDull Blue 034Deep Blue 035Light Blue 036Cornflower Blue 037Peacock Blue 038Green 040Light Green 041Turquoise Green 042Olive Green 043Deep Green 044Pale Green 045Mid Green 046May Green 047Emerald Green 048Green Shadow 049Yellow 050Lemon Yellow 051Bright Yellow 052Yellow Green 053Pale Orange 054Pale Yellow 055Brown 060Light Brown 061Dark Brown 062Ochre 063Oatmeal 064Mid Brown 065Dark Oatmeal 066Mustard 067Deep Brown 068Blush 069Orange 070Natural Beige 071Beige 072Vanilla 073Light Beige 074Brick Beige 075Medium Beige 076Violet 080Light Violet 081Purple 082Lilac 083Deep Violet 084Gray 090Light Gray 091Blue Gray 092Green Gray 093Gray Brown 094Dark Gray 095Mid Gray 096Pale Gray 097Pale Dawn Gray 098Cool Gray 099Sugared Almond Pink 200Pink Haze 201Peach Pink 202Tea Rose 220Pink Flamingo 222Pale Rose 230Deep Red 260Haze Blue 302Shadow Mauve 303Marine Green 400English Lavender 803Pale Violet 806Warm Gray 2 900Gray Tin 901Natural Gray 902Platinum Brown 903Fog Gray 904Blender 999+ 87 more
Zebra Mildliner Brush Pen Dual-Ended Highlighter
£1.62 £1.90 Sale
Mild BlueMild Blue GreenMild BrownMild Dark BlueMild GoldMild GreenMild GreyMild MagentaMild OrangeMild PinkMild RedMild Smoke BlueMild VermilionMild VioletMild Yellow+ 12 more
Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot Marker Pen
£3.39 £3.99 Sold Out
Salmon 021Denim 034Bluebonnet 036Ocean 042Fawn 064Hyacinth 081Platinum 091Candy Pink 206Island Coral 207Splash 301Kiwi 402Summer Sun 503+ 9 more
Kuretake Zig Memory System Brushables
£3.39 £3.99 Sale
Pure Black 010Pure Red 020Pure Pink 025Baby Pink 026Pure Blue 030Navy 035Pure Green 040Cool Cucumber 045Spring Green 047Pure Yellow 050Apricot 052Fawn 064Root Beer Float 065Pure Orange 070Pure Violet 080Hyacinth 081Platinum 091Antique Burgundy 203Splash 301Powder Blue 302Kiwi 402Butter 502English Lavender 803Lunar Lavender 807+ 21 more
Kuretake ZIG Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pen
£2.54 £2.99 Sale
Pale Yellow 100Lemon Yellow 102Yellow 106Mid Yellow 104Yellow Green 125Pale Green 502Light Green 504Green Shadow 520May Green 505Green 508Deep Green 567Mid Green 542Pink Haze 201Pale Pink 202Light Pink 222Light Carmine 204Pink 225Pale Rose 262Wine Red 266Blood Red 285Red 218Carmine Red 208Orange 407Bright Yellow 404Ice Blue 350Shadow Mauve 341Pale Blue 330Haze Blue 340Aqua 532Light Blue 303Cobalt Blue 305Persian Blue 315Blue 317Navy 320Mid Brown 764Deep Brown 769Beige 732Brown 705Light Chestnut 766Oatmeal 730Ivory 416Natural Beige 420Porcelain 417Cream Yellow 421Champagne 418Light Bisque 424English Rose 419Pale Blush 742Dawn Gray 823Blue Gray 1 822Blue Gray 832Blue Gray 2 833GrayBlue Gray 3 834Lilac 603Blue Gray 4 827Light Violet 634Violet 607Purple 637Deep Pink 665Cool Gray 1 C01Warm Gray 1 W01Cool Gray 3 C03Warm Gray W03Cool Gray 5 C05Warm Gray 5 W05Cool Gray 7 C07Warm Gray 7 W07Cool Gray 9 C09Warm Gray 9 W09Black 900Blender B1Barium Yellow 120Mellow Yellow 140Ochre 153Scarlet Red 215Cadmium Red 217Geranium Red 264Deep Red 268Ice Tint 331Alice Blue 332Persian Green 334Peacock Blue 339Pale Iceberg 351Cornflower Blue 364Deep Blue 378Cadmium Orange 406Vanilla 423Ocean Green 506Turquoise Green 534Marine Green 539Emerald Green 553Deep Violet 609Sand 723Pale Beige 731Mustard 736Burnt Sienna 738Nutmeg 765Dark Brown 767Dark Oatmeal 784+ 97 more
Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen
£2.13 £2.50 Sale
BlackRedBlueBlue BlackGreenBrownOrangeYellowGreyPinkSky BlueVioletYellow OchreOliveTurquoiseLight GreyPastel PinkBurgundy+ 15 more
Kuretake ZIG Clean Color FB - Brush Pen
£2.34 £2.75 Sale
Black 010Carmine Red 022Wine Red 024Pink 025Dark Pink 027Pale Pink 028Blue 030Light Blue 036Cornflower Blue 037Green 040Light Green 041Olive Green 043Pale Green 045May Green 047Emerald Green 048Green Shadow 049Yellow 050Lemon Yellow 051Bright Yellow 052Pale Orange 054Brown 060Pale Yellow 055Ochre 063Oatmeal 064Mustard 067Deep Brown 068Orange 070Natural Beige 071Vanilla 073Light Beige 074Brick Beige 075Medium Beige 076Violet 080Light Violet 081Deep Violet 084Gray 090Mid Gray 096Pink Haze 201Peach Pink 202Pink Flamingo 222Deep Scarlet 240Haze Blue 302Marine Green 400Pale Violet 806Gray Tint 901Platinum Brown 903Fog Gray 904Blender 999+ 45 more