Felt Tip Pens

Remember colouring in with felt tips when you were young? It's still just as fun. And the uses for felt tips go far beyond colouring in. Bring life to your projects, diary and notes with a splash of colour from one of our felt tip pens.


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ZIG Clean Color Dot Marker Pen
From £3.99
Salmon 021Denim 034Bluebonnet 036Ocean 042Fawn 064Hyacinth 081Platinum 09112 Colour SetCandy Pink 206Island Coral 207Splash 301Kiwi 4024 Colour SetSummer Sun 503+ 11 more
Papier Tigre
Papier Tigre Sign Pen
BlueOrangePinkRedGreenYellowSky BlueBlack+ 5 more
Kuretake ZIG Clean Color f Pen
Fluorescent Orange 002Fluorescent Green 004Lilac 083Wine Red 024Deep Violet 084Light Green 041Violet 080Natural Beige 071Bright Yellow 052Cornflower Blue 037Mid Brown 065Purple 082Light Violet 081Light Blue 036Green 040Red 020Scarlet Red 023Cobalt Blue 031Light Gray 091Dark Pink 027Persian Green 033May Green 047Pink 025Fluorescent Pink 003Blue 030Orange 070Fluorescent Yellow 001Dark Brown 062Black 010Brown 060Turquoise Green 042Geranium Red 029Light Pink 026Dark Gray 095Persian Blue 032Carmine Red 022Light Carmine 021Deep Blue 035Yellow 050+ 36 more
Sakura Micron Pigma
OrangePinkRedVioletBrownGreenBlackBlue+ 5 more
Pentel Pulaman Pen
BlackRedBlueTurquoiseBurgundyBlue BlackOliveDark GreySepia+ 6 more
Kuretake ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Pen
Pure Black 010Pure Red 020Salmon 021Rose 024Pure Pink 025Baby Pink 026Pure Blue 030Baby Blue 031Blue Jay 032Teal 033Denim 034Navy 035Bluebonnet 036Pure Green 040Ocean 042Evergreen 044Spring Green 047Pure Yellow 050Apricot 052Pure Brown 060Wheat 061Chocolate 062Fawn 064Pure Orange 070Peach Bliss 071Pure Violet 080Hyacinth 081Fuchsia 082Orchid 085Platinum 091Steel Gray 092Antique Burgundy 203Candy Pink 206Island Coral 207Spice 208Splash 301Powder Blue 302Hunter Green 401Kiwi 402Pale Mint 403Sagebrush 404Clover 405Butter 502Summer Sun 503Coffee 601Aubergine 801English Lavender 803Plum Mist 804+ 45 more
Kuretake ZIG Art & Graphic Twin-Tip Pen
Blender 000Yellow 001Red 002Blue 003Orange 004Green 005Violet 006Gray 008Black 009Lemon Yellow 010Pale Yellow 013Light Brown 016Pink 020Light Pink 021Dark Pink 022Wine Red 023Scarlet Red 024Light Carmine 025Carmine Red 029Light Blue 031Cobalt Blue 034Persian Green 035Deep Blue 036Persian Blue 037Marine Green 038Bright Yellow 042Flesh Color 043Beige 049Light Green 050May Green 051Pale Green 053Turquoise Green 054Deep Green 055Mid Green 056Olive Green 057Peacock Blue 059Light Violet 060Purple 061Lilac 062Dull Blue 063Oatmeal 070Mid Brown 071Brown 072Sand 073Dark Gray 074Brick Beige 075Dark Brown 076Deep Brown 077Light Gray 080Dawn Gray 081Slate Gray 082Blue Gray 083Pale Gray 084Green Gray 085Pale Dawn Gray 086Gray Brown 087Mid Yellow 110Sugared Almond Pink 200Peach Pink 202Pale Pink 207Tea Rose 220Pink Flamingo 222Pale Rose 230Deep Red 260Haze Blue 302Shadow Mauve 303Cornflower Blue 308Baby Blue 313Apricot 434Mustard 474Green Shadow 505Emerald Green 550English Lavender 602Deep Violet 660Blush 703Deep Reddish Brown 727Cool Gray 1 800Warm Gray 2 803Gray Tint 805Warm Gray 9 815Natural Gray 890+ 78 more
Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen
BlackRedBlue BlackGreenBrownOrangeYellowGreyPinkSky BlueVioletYellow OchreOliveTurquoiseLight GreyPastel PinkBurgundy+ 14 more
Kuretake ZIG Memory System JOURNAL & TITLE Dual-Tip Pen
Pure Black 010Pure Red 020Salmon 021Pure Pink 025Pure Blue 030Baby Blue 031Pure Green 040Spring Green 047Pure Yellow 050Chocolate 062Pure Orange 070Pure Violet 080+ 9 more
Pentel Sign Pen
BlackRedBlueGreenOrangeYellowPinkSky Blue+ 5 more
Kuretake Twin-Tip ZIG Clean Color f Metallic
Gold 101Silver 102Violet 124Blue 125Green 121Red 126+ 3 more