Fountain Pen Ink Bottles

Experience the captivating world of colour with our Fountain Pen Ink collection at The Journal Shop. Our carefully curated selection showcases a wide variety of stunning and affordable inks, offering a plethora of choices to suit your personal style and writing preferences. Each ink colour unveils its own unique nuances, such as variations in shading and tone, when used with different papers, adding an enchanting touch to your writing experience.

One of the most delightful aspects of using fountain pen ink is witnessing the glistening squiggles of wet ink on paper. Explore our Fountain Pen Ink collection and unlock the creative potential of your writing with a captivating array of colours that will elevate your penmanship to new heights of beauty.


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Kyoto Ink
Kyoto Ink KYO NO OTO Fountain Pen Ink 30ml
From £28.99
NurebairoImayouiroKokeiroYamabukiiroAonibiAdzukiiroHisokuMoegiiroOchiguriiroSakuranezumiRuri iroRyokuyu iroSeihekiYurushiiroUsugumo+ 12 more
Kakimori Pigment Ink
01 Po02 Torori03 Tototo04 Karari05 Kurun06 Toppuri07 Soyo08 Zabun09 Mukuri10 Koton+ 7 more
LAMY T 53 Crystal Ink
ObsidianRhodonitePeridotTopazAgateBenitoiteBerylRubyAmazoniteAzurite+ 7 more
Kyoto Ink
Kyoto Ink KYO IRO Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 30ml
Soft Snow of OharaStone Road of GionCherry Blossom of KeageMoonlight of HigashiyamaFushimis Vermillion+ 2 more
LAMY T52 Ink
BlackRedBlueTurquoiseGreen+ 2 more
Kakimori Pigment Ink [Aluminium Cap]
01. Po02.Torori03.Tototo04. Karari05. Kurun06. Toppuri07. Soyo08. Zabun09. Mukuri10. Koton+ 7 more