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ystudio // Ballpoint Pen - Black

ystudio // Ballpoint Pen - Black

“You want to be a writer, don't know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.”
― Paul Simon
Ystudio Pens may not be exactly humble, but they are a pen for life...and living.
Seldom will you see a more beautifully crafted, yet elegantly simple design.
They are made with the highest quality materials; Brass and Copper and designed to wear with use so that they develop a pleasing patina to mark the passing years.
The range is made up of two different styles of writing implements; the first range is a rich golden brass with copper accents, beautifully weighted and a pleasure to write with.

The second is the ‘brassing’ range whose finish is inspired by the designer’s love of vintage cameras and draws on the worn ‘black over brass’ that comes with time and use. The packaging comes with a sheet of fine sandpaper so that you can hasten this process to the degree you desire.
Complementing the pens and pencils are various desk accessories all beautifully crafted using the highest quality materials of brass, copper and walnut wood.

The ‘Brassing’ Ballpoint Pen. A solidly made luxury pen fashioned from brass with copper fittings and finished in a black coating designed to be worn away with use and time.

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