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Yamato Nori Starch Paste Tube Large

Yamato Nori Starch Paste Tube Large

The Nori Starch Paste tube glue by Yamato is made using natural tapioca starch and is non-toxic. The glue is easy to apply; simply squeeze the tube and apply the glue with your fingertip or a brush. The texture of the glue is light, non-formalin and perfume-free. Yamato's tapioca starch paste has traditionally been used by kindergartener's and school children (the container is childproof too!). Contains 380 g. Made from recycled polyethylene tube container and recycled polyethylene yellow cap. Environmentally friendly paste containing natural materials, ideal for every day use and for crafting projects. 

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    Adhesives, Glue, Sticky Tape

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