TRAVELER'S Notebook // Brown

// Comes with 1 x No. 003 Plain Paper refill included
// Includes cotton carry case, one spare brown band and one spare orange band
// Wears and ages beautifully
// Accessorise and customise to make it your own
// A notebook for life


When you open up the Traveler's Notebook, two things are immediately apparent: that a great deal of care and attention has gone into making this product and, that you'll be keeping this notebook for a lifetime.

The Traveler's Notebook features a very high quality leather cover, every one of which is handmade by local workers in Chiangmai, Thailand.

The leather itself is 2mm thick, vegetable-tanned and being genuine and unprocessed, it still has its original scratches and marks all of which contribute to its very 'raw' natural feel. The notebook very quickly acquires a well-travelled look and feel.

Users of the black leather Traveler's Notebook may even find a fine layer of white powder on the notebook when first used. This is natural fat from the unprocessed leather and is evidence of the TN's raw natural state; it is easily removed with a quick wipe using a soft cloth.

As you use your Traveler's Notebook, it takes on character; a map of your travels and a mark of its use. Over the years, this notebook will become your lifetime companion. Care for your Traveler's Notebook by buffing and nurturing the leather and it will stay in optimum condition for many years to come.

The really special thing about the Traveler's Notebook is the range of accessories and refills available. They add great functionality to what is already a beautiful notebook, turning into an indispensible travel companion. We stock the full range and will add new accessories and refills as they are created.

Unwrap your new Traveler's Notebook and inside its packaging you'll find:

- Traveler's Notebook Leather Cover
- Blank Notebook refill (#003)
- Cotton Case for the Notebook
- Spare Rubber Bands: 1 x brown and 1 x orange

Type Notebook, Journal
Brand TRAVELER'S Company
Colour Brown
Product Code 13715006
Number of pages 64
Paper colour White
Lines per page No
Cover type Semi-rigid cover
Page layout Plain
Quantity per pack 1 x Leather Cover, 1 x #003 Plain Paper Notebook, 1 x Cotton Carry Case, 1 x Brown Bands, 1 x Orange Band
Size (mm) 120 x 220
Size (inches) 4¾ x 8¾
Size Medium
Application Draw, Explore, Travel, Watercolour, Write


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Reviewing: TRAVELER'S Notebook // Brown

Customer Reviews

  1. Impressed!

    by Louise Onofrio-Mills on 16 Aug 2017

    I am amazed at how quickly I received my parcel, less than 24 hours from placing order and that was with your regular standard free delivery, pretty darn good I'd say!
    I agonised for a long time as to whether to buy the travelers notebook and I'm so glad I did, its wonderful along with the extra notebook inserts and connecting bands.
    Thank you for stocking such fab products, I'm pretty sure this won't be my last order from you lovely peeps!
  2. Just by one!

    by Pia Lidman on 16 May 2017

    Wish I had bought one earlier without giving it so much tought. Yes, it's a bit pricey but truly a high quality product and you really just need one, not one in every color and size
  3. Excellent

    by L whiteway on 28 Mar 2017

    I recieved the travel journal in extra quick time. I also purchased the thin refill paper and watercolour refill, all of which seems exactly what I wanted. Very pleased.
  4. Watch out!

    by João Brinco on 25 Feb 2017

    This product is absolutely top quality. The leather is wonderful, the paper is premium. However, take care of 2 points:
    The product is a sort of luxury item, meaning you will need to buy very expensive notebooks to keep it "running". If you truly want to buy one, make sure you appreciate the craftsmanship, and that it will add value to your life.
    It is NOT the most comfortable to write with. This is something no one ever talks about, but truth is this notebook is not the most comfortable. The cover will auto close and, especially if you put a lot of stuff in it, the top notebook will sink and make it difficult to write. If you`re all about comfort, get another notebook.
    All said and done this is an incredible product, very elegant and customisable. Do recommend.
  5. Robust

    by Callum on 14 Feb 2017

    I have been debating to get a Midori for the last 3 months now and I decided to get it. Pricey but the quality is phenomenal. Solid. would recommend. And also great service, came to my door in 2 days!
  6. Amazing

    by Valtýr on 25 Oct 2016

    I bought 3 of them, 2 as gifts, and we all love them. They arrived quickly and in good packaging. Great service and awesome stationary!
  7. Truly recommend

    by Zee on 14 Aug 2016

    The item arrived within a week and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. The quality of the notebook itself is amazing, it was beyond my expectation. The size is perfect to travel around with and overall just an excellent brand.
  8. Inspire creativity

    by Averyl on 8 Aug 2016

    I thought long and hard before ordering the Midori travellers notebook. I tried using a loose leaf ring system, but dislike writing adjacent to the rings. The travellers notebook is a delight to handle and a joy to write in. I love the plain paper insert and I am setting a daily meditation quote against scrapbook inserts of daily events. It focuses the mind and inspires creative journaling. I can see me buying one notebook for each month of the year. What a feast of memories!
  9. The Best stationery website ever!!

    by Sharon on 16 Dec 2015

    Absolutely perfect and best services. Excellent notebook!! The communication was superb and the product I ordered arrived perfectly on time. Fantastic efficiency and would not hesitate to order from them again.
  10. great service

    by Claire Howard on 6 Aug 2015

    Excellent service from the journal shop as I wasn't sure what accessories I wanted for my Midori so I rang up the Journal shop instead of ordering online.Very helpful and explained everything.
    The Midori Travellers Notebook is very good quality leather which I think will get even better as it ages.I am very pleased with my purchase.
  11. Great all-round service

    by Andrew Morris on 29 Jun 2015

    I have to take my hat off to the Journal Shop for their attention to detail and getting it right! My wonderful Midori Travellers Journal arrived in super-quick time and everything from email telling me that it was back in stock to the quality of packing, was just right. Well done!
  12. Simply elegant

    by Leigh Wright on 25 May 2015

    Received the Midori Traveller's Notebook very quickly and set about making it my own. It does cost quite a bit and I thought long and hard before committing my hard earned to buying one but I am so glad I did. It has become my constant companion and keeper of thoughts, memories and other pieces of information. The design is simply but the look is elegant and functional in its use. A real pleasure.
  13. Very good

    by Luis on 21 May 2015

    Excelent product and very usefull.
  14. Excellent product, nice choice. Don't hesitate to buy it.

    by Luis on 21 May 2015

    Excellent product, nice choice. Don't hesitate to buy it.
  15. Perfect

    by Cate W on 28 Apr 2015

    Oh I've been looking for this little guy for some time. The size is perfect, not too heavy or complicated, just a simple band to hold it together.
    I've added a diary insert and have slipped the cover of the diary and the cover of the notebook insert through the band so I haven't had to purchase any extra bands yet.
    For me, this is the perfect solution after trying to make a planner and a notebook work for me and never quite getting there.
  16. Just had to have one!

    by Nigel on 6 Apr 2015

    A great product and I'm glad I bought one - even though I've not decided what to write in it yet. I have the Passport-sized one as well. Great notebooks and versatile as well.
  17. Fantastic

    by Gregor Kulla on 22 Jan 2015

    A fantastic notebook what I could buy a bunch!
  18. Stunning!

    by Simone Carey on 22 Jan 2015

    Debated for a while wether or not to go for the Midori - but so glad I did, I simply love it, it's stunning!.
    So glad to find a distributor in the UK - excellent service, quick delivery also!
  19. The beginning of a journey?

    by Paul on 20 Jan 2015

    I think so. Simple,elegant and luxurious. Definatley a thing to treasure.

  20. Great item, great service

    by Lisa on 17 Jan 2015

    Beautiful journal. I really enjoy being able to customise the journal in a way that suits me. Customer service is great
  21. Great product, website descriptions need some improvement

    by Sean Chapple on 9 Jan 2015

    The product itself is splendid. I've toyed with Filofax, flex and moleskine for many years but nothing quite fitted my needs. This does. The only comment would be the website is not clear on what yo are ordering.mi ordered the diary and now have an extra notebook cover as I should have ordered 'refill', also I did not know I needed bands to join the books, but I have solved this using normal elastic bands.
  22. Great service

    by Stanley MacNab on 25 Dec 2014

    Fantastic web site? Great service
  23. Not cheap but lovely quality

    by Chris Taylor on 21 Dec 2014

    Although quite expensive for what it is ,it's simple design is part of its charm, and it is one of those things that you enjoy to handle, I bought the travelers note book, then purchased the passport size one as well. I have since bought two more traveller notebooks as Christmas presents for my two eldest daughters which I know they will love.
  24. Need More Pies

    by Fionnghuala on 15 Dec 2014

    I love this note book but I'm so used to wider books that witing comfortable on the skinny pages was challenging to begin with - needs fattening up!

    great design idea and lovely choise of books am definately going to order some more squared notebooks and bits to fit into it as I have a feeling that I'll fill the lined book in seconds!

    so many journal customisation ideas online the journal is a real lifestyle choise.
  25. Simply & Beautiful

    by Ashish Raut on 6 Sep 2014

    Beautify design & concept, just love it. Good leather material leather with provision for adding inserts. With addition of a few inserts like zipper, pen holder & rubber bands its perfect.
    I use it for site note, sketching, the best part is you can customise your own inserts as per your needs.
  26. Lovely, lovely journal/notebook

    by Andy McCaughtrie on 23 Aug 2014

    I researched this quite a bit and my expectations were high. Needless to say, they have been exceeded. Really impressed by the quality of the packaging, the leather and all the accessories. Still to use in anger but loving it so far...
  27. Perfect

    by Maria on 23 Aug 2014

    Sorry for my bad english.
    I love my Notebook. My older Bokks are selfmade and i don't use them realy. But my Midori i use so much and it helps me to get my plans, my ideas and everything in a nice and functional order. I am realy happs with my Midori and i think i need more and more Inserts.
  28. Absolutely great

    by jack on 12 Aug 2014

    Really lovely proper leather notebook - really simple but you can make it how you want it to be and it will last for years. Great service from The Journal Shop too, arrived within a few days and free delivery
  29. Practically Perfect.

    by Viv Fox on 17 Jul 2014

    A simple idea but perfect for storing all those contact cards, postcards , receipts and notes which many of us acquire. I had planned to use mine as a travel notebook but it seems to be evolving into a craft record: details of shows which I attend, sketches of ideas small snippets of yarn and material etc. I bought a selection of inserts and am happy with all of them. My only slight reservation is the pen holder. Only the small size was available in brown, but I find it almost impossible to open the clip and attach the holder, which is too small for any of my pens to go through the middle and I don't like just clipping the pen clip onto the outside. So, I wouldn't recommend the pen holder but everything else is great....
  30. Simple idea - fantastic results

    by Martin Williamson on 7 Jul 2014

    In these days of electronic this, cloud that, many people own a plethora of electronic items which tend to be cold lumps of productivity rather than a tangible, tactile thing that you can enjoy handling.
    The Midori Traveller's Notebook is a far cry from all of this. Its simple leather design is very tactile and it will develop a character of its own, totally unique to you, as it acquires scrapes and marks through daily use. Having a customisable notebook insert system (without file rings like Filofax) gives you more writing space and flexibility than you could appreciate without having tried the system. I was a Filofax devotee for over 25 years before discovering the MTN and now I haven't looked back.
    Having something physical also means that I have rediscovered the pleasure of writing (particularly with a fountain pen) and physically writing something leads to far greater retention of the subject matter than typing it electronically. Despite its physicality, using a paper diary insert is still just a flexible as an electronic one (I've tried it!).
    I've had great pleasure in setting the system up and tweaking it from daily use and it's now an indispensable planner, notebook, ideas repository, to-do's uses are endless.
    Should you get one? A resounding "YES"!!
  31. Amazing

    by Sarah Gustafson on 30 Jun 2014

    100% happy with my purchase! I adore the products I ordered from The Journal Shop. I will continue to order all my stationary needs from you. Thanks so much!
  32. Well received gift

    by Debbie Cass on 26 Jun 2014

    Recently purchased this as a gift, having already bought one myself a few years ago. It was very happily received, such a beautiful and tactile notebook,and will last a lifetime. Mine looks better and better the older it gets!
  33. Reliable not life changing

    by Clive on 19 Jun 2014

    Leather cover stinks of chemical upon arrival - horrible. This fades after a week or so and it then smells vaguely of leather. A nice enough method of using MD bound and covered inserts. It's a good journal for note taking. It's not a way of life. Download Chronidex Scriptum non linear diary for scheduling - rethought.
  34. perfect

    by Lucia on 10 Jun 2014

    I am very happy with this notebook is excellent traveler's notebook. Perfect packaging and the service is of high quality !!! (In Italy, arrived in 2 days, but then, with the Italian post office I had to wait another eight days, had blocked the shipment.) Council not to make delivery by the Italian post but to use the company DHL courier,is very efficient.
    Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Fantastic notebook

    by Mandy Lanni on 9 Jun 2014

    Well, this is the most beautiful, gorjusssss, delightful, amazing notebook ever OMG ....So much so I have purchased 2 more. The smell the feel and the quality are second to none.
    Fantastic service from the journal shop I love, love everything you stock. I am so glad I discovered you online.
  36. A piece of joy in your palm

    by Victoria Levin on 4 Jun 2014

    A sheer beauty to arrange over and over again during the years. Love the splendid concept of re-using the cover as much as looking forward to the worn out aging process of the dark leather. The layout is ever so attractive and despite the weight this journal brings a warm feeling to the heart - the clever format encourages to gather your own folded pices of paper etcetera. The Journal Shop's supply is fenomenal as so the speed of safe delivering, this will make me return for more! Highly recommended!
  37. Way overpriced

    by Jonathan on 24 May 2014

    This book is not very special at all. It comes in masses of paper packaging to make it look special but is far from it. Having purchased many notbooks from the Journal Shop and been very pleased, this is one of he notebooks which, for its high price, really does not impress.
    The leather feels and looks like leatherette, the elastic band holding it together is crude and gets in the way, overall it strikes me as cheap and crude - unlike the italian equivalents which are cheaper, better made and better quality. Significantly unimpressed. Looks and probably costs £5 to make.

    by ANASTASIA on 23 May 2014

  39. Great concept

    by pmgriff on 22 May 2014

    Love the simple yet effective design. This notebook is a work of art in itself, as well as being a functional tool.
    Just perfect, go on treat yourself!
  40. Great Purchase

    by Radvile on 21 May 2014

    Absolutely love this notebook! It might be the priciest one I've gotten to date, but it was money well spent. I'll be using it for a long time!
  41. Wonderful to Use

    by Annie on 11 May 2014

    This journal with all of the inserts you can have with it is of excellent quality, the leather is so tactile I can't stop touching it. The paper inserts can make this anybody's perfect journal or workbook or any other combination tailored to suit what you want to use it for. Fantastic. I also bought theTombow fountain pen to go with my journal, this will be even more perfect when the fine nib is available again. Looking forward to that
  42. Versatile piece of kit

    by Brian Hill on 14 Apr 2014

    This is good in all sorts of ways - the paper inserts are excellent quality, it can be configured in lots of different ways, the leather cover is a tactile sensation.
  43. Versatile piece of kit

    by Brian Hill on 14 Apr 2014

    This is good in all sorts of ways - the paper inserts are excellent quality, it can be configured in lots of different ways, the leather cover is a tactile sensation.
  44. Lovely

    by Eliana on 13 Apr 2014

    I love this product, the leather is very soft and also strong, I think I can take my notebook with me in all my journeys!
    I like the possibility to combine different types of inserts to meet my needs.
  45. Excellent!

    by Mike W on 12 Apr 2014

    Excellent notebook in terms of quality and flexibility and a travellers "must-have". There are other ways to carry a notebook of course, but if you value the concept of a freeform notebook and the delicious Midori paper then only this one will do.
  46. Overpriced

    by George on 30 Mar 2014

    The delivery from The Journal Shop was excellent - fast and could be tracked. Unfortunately I regret buying this notebook. It is far too expensive for what it is - a sheet of leather folded in half with a few sheets of plain paper. Not something I can rely on for my travel.
  47. I am in love

    by Tabitha on 20 Mar 2014

    I was so happy to receive my notebook that quickly - and it's absolutely beautiful! I use it as an actual traveler's journal, and it's perfect for holding all the things I need, plus memories and everything I want to document. It's a great size and format for traveling too.
    I got the standard blank insert, a Kraft folder and a zip lock pocket and it's working out great that way.
  48. Elegant, classic notebook

    by Christina on 17 Mar 2014

    I was impressed by the amazingly quick service from The Journal Shop, my notebook arrived the day after I ordered it. As for the Midori Travellers Notebook, well I just love it. I'm looking forward to ordering little pockets and maybe a pen for it. I wish there was an address book insert - then I really would ditch the Filofax!
  49. The midori travellers notebook

    by Sally-Ann on 13 Mar 2014

    I really LOVE the midori travellers notebook, I am using it for art journaling, making notes, keeping my pens and stickers in it. I love the versatity of it, that you can add different books and pockets. It's so tactile too, I just want to hold it all the time. I have used it every day since I got it. Anyone else thinking of buying one should!!!
  50. Organic and Classy

    by Debs on 13 Mar 2014

    The Midori Traveller's Notebook is actually a lovely little system of keeping together multiple notebooks and using them for multiple purposes. I love its simplicity, elegant design and how easily it can be customized to one's liking! I loved the awesomely quick shipping from The Journal Shop and will definitely be back for more! :)
  51. epic

    by john on 10 Mar 2014

    epic full stop. everyone at work has asked to look at it like it was the IT directors new BMW or something
  52. Simple timeless design

    by Farouq on 24 Feb 2014

    This Midori Traveler's notebook has replaced my binder. It is a much simpler design than a Filofax but no less effective in personal management.

    The inserts are held in place using what are essentially rubber bands. The inserts don't therefore line up perfectly as they would in a metal ring binder system. That sounds like an issue but when holding this notebook in your hand, the feel of real leather, the inserts in slightly different positions, there is something comforting, timeless and natural about the notebook.
  53. Cooler than a cool thing!

    by Shaz on 22 Feb 2014

    Really pleased with the notebook, which I want to use for writing and sketching. Now to run away somewhere exotic with it! Dispatch of it was very prompt.
  54. Love it.

    by Dylis on 14 Feb 2014

    It turns out to be exactly what I expected. Something that you immediately have the surge to write things in and know that you want to keep it for long long time.
  55. We love them already ...

    by Hayley on 12 Feb 2014

    I have always kept a journal of my travels. I bought one for my daughter for her 8th birthday to encourage her to do the same, along with one for myself. We both love them, I know they will be life long travel companions. I'm totally delighted with the quality of the Midori travellers notebook and the service from The Journal Shop. I would highly recommend them both.
  56. Cool Travelers Thing

    by Alexander Libak on 10 Feb 2014

    This journal is so beautiful and well made. The brown color is very cool. You can fill it with many notebooks(refills) and organize it according to your personal liking ( Diary/Dreams-Section/Planner/Travels/and many more(: ).. Can't wait to take it to my future journeys to Nepal/Tibet/Trans-Siberian-Railway!!
    Journal Shop sent it very quick and is very recommended! TNX!
  57. Will age beautifully

    by Carol on 4 Feb 2014

    Bought my son one for Christmas & as soon as I saw his just knew I had to have one as well. The leather is beautiful & know that it will just get better with age. The service was excellent from The Journal shop & would certainly recommend them to anyone.
  58. Charismatic notebook

    by Chris on 26 Jan 2014

    A really neat notebook, I like the flexibility of the system, and how the leather changes with use. I was worried that It would be a bit 'feminine' in appearance, and the leather a little sensitive, but I can happily thrash it and throw it about. It's a very neutral notebook in appearance. I'm very pleased, and would recommend it to anyone looking to get one
  59. Midori Travellers Note Book

    by John Booth on 26 Jan 2014

    I was an avid Moleskine user but when the book is full you have to ditch the whole pack and start afresh.With the Midori Keeping the leather cover and other accessories pencil and pens etc is what I like it becomes a permanent companion.
  60. Excellent Product

    by Abdullah Husain on 23 Jan 2014

    This product is excellent. The leather cover is this and sturdy and of good quality. Ages well, and gets character with use. The design is simple, yet elegant, and has great functionality and is versatile. I would expect that everyone would find a use for this notebook. The refills are well made and the paper of high quality.
  61. A great choice for left handed people

    by Chris on 22 Jan 2014

    Elegance in whatever form is priceless. Elegance and usefulness are rare companions but they are found in my Midori. Joy! Joy!!!!
  62. Timeless

    by Chesca on 22 Jan 2014

    I've had my Midori for about 5months and absolutely live it. Finally my daughter succumbed and looks to be well on the way to being equally enamoured
  63. Great, but a slight mistake

    by Micky on 4 Jan 2014

    This product sure has some real nice leather, mine just happened to have a little scar/slice mark on the inside besides that it is all great. Realy nice&smooth and realy stirdy leather at the same time. Right choice for the urban romantic for whom Ipad just doesn't do it like this one does.

    I bought this one for my GF and she loves it, and i'm going to order the passport size for myself. Pricey, sure. But worth it!

    I got mine shipped to Finland and it worked great for me. No problems whatsoever.
  64. Love my Notebook!

    by Katie on 21 Dec 2013

    I love how flexible this system is! I have had mine for two years and still enjoy it as if it is new!
  65. Very elegant and so useful !

    by Laurence on 19 Dec 2013

    I like a lot the Midori travelers notebook. Perfect size, very good quality of leather, elegant object and useful system.
  66. Basic but surprisingly refined

    by Andrew Willoughby on 12 Dec 2013

    Well what can I say? £40 for a notebook when I can pick up a notebook in Asda for less than £3.
    That is my issue with this notebook. It is an amazing piece of simplistic design than ellivates the owner into an almost higher state of personal achievement over those that use cheap notebooks or even iPads for note taking.
    It screams of a romantisied era, where philosophers would make world changing quotes and authors pen the ideas for a classic novel, and with the Midori Travellers Notebook we feel that we are buying into this great adventure.
    But enough of my frivolous meandering drivel. The notebook is immediately one of my favourate things. I have customised it to fit in with it's expected usage as an everyday work book used for note taking, planning and to do lists.
    The paper inserts although a little bit small (64 pages/sides) are crisp and take ink with panashe. The leather outer is flexible but through its ability to get marked very easily will fast become something to treasure. As these marks give it an age and a background as the weathered face of deep sea fisherman gives him a mystique about his life and adventures.
    The service from the Journal Shop was exemplary throughout. But back to my first question can I justify spending this much money on a notebook? Well the answer is no, but for some things such as elligance, style and the innate ability to look down on Filofax and Moleskine users with contempt that owning a Midori will make you do, no matter how much you try not to. You don't need to justify your actions.
    Buy one today, your life is worth the investment.
  67. Basic but surprisingly refined

    by Andrew Willoughby on 12 Dec 2013

    Well what can I say? £40 for a notebook when I can pick up a notebook in Asda for less than £3.
    That is my issue with this notebook. It is an amazing piece of simplistic design than ellivates the owner into an almost higher state of personal achievement over those that use cheap notebooks or even iPads for note taking.
    It screams of a romantisied era, where philosophers would make world changing quotes and authors pen the ideas for a classic novel, and with the Midori Travellers Notebook we feel that we are buying into this great adventure.
    But enough of my frivolous meandering drivel. The notebook is immediately one of my favourate things. I have customised it to fit in with it's expected usage as an everyday work book used for note taking, planning and to do lists.
    The paper inserts although a little bit small (64 pages/sides) are crisp and take ink with panashe. The leather outer is flexible but through its ability to get marked very easily will fast become something to treasure. As these marks give it an age and a background as the weathered face of deep sea fisherman gives him a mystique about his life and adventures.
    The service from the Journal Shop was exemplary throughout. But back to my first question can I justify spending this much money on a notebook? Well the answer is no, but for some things such as elligance, style and the innate ability to look down on Filofax and Moleskine users with contempt that owning a Midori will make you do, no matter how much you try not to. You don't need to justify your actions.
    Buy one today, your life is worth the investment.
  68. Beautiful and Useful

    by Anloke on 10 Nov 2013

    Bought the Midori Traveler's Notebook as a present for a friend. Everything about it was perfect, the quality of the notebook and refills, the no-nonsense, genuine design, so now have to buy my own!
  69. Simple yet highly effective

    by Stephen s on 7 Nov 2013

    I got my first Midori Travellers not book a few months ago, after setting it up the way i wanted it, i have found that I cannot leave my house without it, I never miss an appointment any more, and have started to write a journal, I now have 2, one in brown and one in black, and a passport sized one which doubles as a wallet.

    If you’re thinking of buying one, stop! Just do it, something that’s beautiful and will get better as it ages.
  70. деньги потрачены не зря

    by Дмитрий on 3 Nov 2013

    оригинальная качественная продукция, быстрая доставка, отличный подход к клиентам.
  71. Содержание шапки

    by oioioio on 3 Nov 2013

  72. A beautiful thing

    by Bronwen Rashad on 26 Sep 2013

    Very beautiful and very useful
  73. money well spent

    by Heru Prasetyo on 16 Sep 2013

    Somehow this notebook urges me to write.. I love it !

  74. what a wonderful thing

    by adelia on 16 Sep 2013

    This travel notebooks totally perfect, it's beyond my expectations when I first ordered it, and the package was perfectly delivered. I love all the things purchased and haven't been apart of it since then. Thanks for the excellent service from Surely would recommend to others
  75. Make it your own.

    by Claire on 12 Sep 2013

    A quality product. The best thing about these notebooks is that you can make them as fun or as smart as a like and they can be swopped between the two as the mood takes you. I loved the first one I bought so much I got a second one.
  76. Great

    by Fredrik Paasche on 30 Aug 2013

    Speedy delivery and a great product - not absolutely shure how to fix it with 2 pads inside - have to watch the video again. Will be getting the smaller one
  77. A joy!

    by Liz Upton on 23 Aug 2013

    I'd been making excuses not to buy this for months: I'm so glad I decided to bite the bullet. It hasn't been out of arm's reach in the three weeks I've had it so far, and it's wonderful: beautiful, useful, tactile, personalisable and, for me, perfect. I use it several times a day, and the more it's used, the better it looks. Fantastic service too - thank you!
  78. Midori Traveler's Notebook

    by Alessandra on 1 Aug 2013

    My purchase was perfect! I live in Italy and a week later I received my package, perfect and easy! I'm really happy with my new travel notebook! :-D
  79. Love my new travel notebook!

    by luya on 12 Jul 2013

    Simple but long lasting! Love my new travel notebook!
  80. An excellent work companion

    by Jannie May on 19 Jun 2013

    I purchased the passport sized notebook from the Journal Shop some time ago & have resisted this large version for as long as possible. On arrival it is of the same excellent quality as my passport size, both in the leather cover & notebook paper. The size is a little larger than I was expecting which makes it more practical for everyday use & the ability to customise with various inserts & refills makes it the ideal work companion- so glad I gave in to the temptation
  81. My One True Love

    by Hannah on 19 Jun 2013

    I spent months trying to warrant spending out on this bad boy! But I bit the bullet and once it arrived, spent the entire day customising it! It is now an extra limb, and it will remain that way for a very long time!!! I did worry that maybe it was a little too simple for the price, but upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) at it's simple but attractive appeal. Also it is a little larger than I originally thought, but small enough to be easy to carry around in ones Mary Poppins bag. LOVE IT.
  82. Really Impressed

    by P Miles on 7 Jun 2013

    I'm just getting to grips with my new journal, it's lovely to use and hold and there's a plethora of guides and articles online with great ideas on how to use and customize it! Loving it so far :)
  83. Love the Journal.

    by VRamon on 19 May 2013

    Excellent shopping experience, great communication with shop, loved it, recommended to everyone.
  84. Outstanding paper quality

    by C a coe on 28 Apr 2013

    Seems great so far with fountain pen which is essential for me. Notebook itself is interesting concept but as new user haven't had much opportunity to put it to test.
  85. Perfect, just missing 1 thing

    by Elisabeth on 26 Apr 2013

    A++ on everything.

    The only thing I miss was that it somewhere on the website should note clearly that you'll need more bands if you buy more than 1 extra notebook. I bought 2 (so I had 3), and struggled for 2 hours before (with thanks to wonderful costumer service, by the way, they are awesome:) ) I understood that I needed more bands. There should also be some kind of guide as to how to put in stuff in the TN, becuase that moment of confusion the first time you open it, is a pretty silly feeling.
  86. First class

    by Karen on 9 Apr 2013

    Excellent journal, worth every penny and sure to get better with age. Excellent service from The journal shop, fast shipping to Europe, would recommend :)
  87. Quality product and brilliant service!

    by jannequin on 1 Apr 2013

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by my new TN and haven't yet been able to sully its immaculate pages with my ramblings. But soon! Thanks to The Journal Shop for top-rate service - free postage and immediate delivery. Means I will keep coming back for supplies!
  88. Great product

    by Drew on 16 Mar 2013

    This is a beautiful piece. Lovely supple leather and good quality inserts. It seems very sturdy and hardwearing and has stood up well to falling around inside my rucksack all day. Prompt service from the Journal Shop.
  89. Essential on the road kit

    by Jasper on 15 Mar 2013

    This is fairly essential kit if you get out and about and need an elegant and useful journal. People will ask you about it, it is very eye catching and tactile.

    A few things to note, when you first receive it - it smells very strongly of some sort of chemical. It smelled like petrol to me. So you will need to let it "breathe" to get rid of the smell which should go after a few days.

    The leather seemed a bit dry to me also so I waxed and oiled the Notebook. This made it go darker and now that the wax has soaked in, it looks stunning.
  90. Great notebook. Wonderful service.

    by Matthew on 11 Feb 2013

    The notebook is great. I was partly persuaded by a review on YouTube ( to buy one. Very happy with it.

    Ordered late Friday. Arrived Tuesday morning. Staff were incredibly generous after I narrowly missed a special offer and gave me a couple of free refills.
  91. Simple. Beautiful. Perfect

    by Sarah / Crafts from the Cwtch on 28 Jan 2013

    I bought this notebook after seeing so many beautiful pictures on the dedicated Flickr group - it arrived the next day and I was not at all disappointed with it. It's so simple and flexible, I know it will be used for many years to come. I love the way people have customised them and look forward to 'growing into' mine.

    I'm learning to relax my usual determination to keep things pristine as this leather is presented in a way which is meant to mark and scratch, and in fact this will make it get even better as it's used. That will take a little getting used to!

    I have purchased a number of accessories and am awaiting a few more which are out of stock, hope they won't be too long, and I'm glad there is the option of free saver shipping for those extras which were not available when I made my main order. I've found a number of useful websites which include printable PDFs and ideas for additional things to make which go beyond the standard Midori offerings too - if you get one, it's definitely worth googling.

    I would absolutely recommend this product and will probably be giving some as gift too :)
  92. nice quality

    by Evelyne on 17 Jan 2013

    I still have to get used to it. It feel's nice and looks very good. Thank you for the save shipping - took a few days longer than expected - but no problem with that.
  93. Exceptional quality

    by David Onslow on 29 Oct 2012

    This is the perfect companion, I use mine at work and away the paper is great quality and I have already started to customize it.
  94. So simple it's perfect!

    by RPB on 12 Sep 2012

    I bought mine in 2010 and now use it 'full time' for my writings over and above any other journals I have. Quality paper for my fountain pen ink, quality paper for drawing on, quite simply a very good book for people who journal, sketch, draw, doodle, write with fountain pens. Just buy one! The only disappointment I have is the £10 price increase of the ones in store now since I bought mine, however I would still get another.
    The extras just make it even better. Worth every pound.
  95. Lives up to the hype

    by Karen - UK on 11 May 2012

    I'm always wary of products that have a cult following, but the TN really does live up to the superlatives. It's high quality, the paper is superb, and the unstructured design means that all the DIY extras I would bolt awkwardly onto a normal notebook actually fit well with this. Worth the money.
  96. Artisan Quality, Simply Lovely To Use

    by Pen Geek - Derby on 31 May 2011

    A real pleasure in every respect - an extremely simple design, using high quality materials, this is a great example of a product that just works, yet which gets better and better each time you use it. Beautifully presented, versatile, and elegant in its simplicity.
  97. High Quality Traveler's Notebook

    by Calvin - Edinburgh,UK on 22 Apr 2011

    I am loving the nice simple leather cover and the high quality paper! It is a completely different class on its own.
  98. Very good notebook

    by anonymous on 1 Apr 2011

    Just received my new Midori. Looks great and really looking forward to using it. The Journal Shop were very helpful in getting this to me in time for a trip abroad. Many thanks.
  99. Gorgeous Journal!

    by Simon Parsons - Yorks, UK on 6 Mar 2011

    Having read about this journal on a few sites, I'd decided it would be great for reflective practice. Having some funding to spend at work, my boss agreed, and now I own this gorgeous journal! Ideal for at work and at home, it's warm leather and mass of refills give infinite possibilities! Awesome!
  100. Brilliant, flexible travel journal

    by P Walker - Cumbria on 24 Jan 2011

    I have used a Midori journal for several years, while living overseas, and found them to be excellent. They are extremely flexible, due to the removable inner pages which can be stored in the filing system. The cover is very hard-wearing and improves when aged.I am very pleased to find a UK stockist
  101. Super!!!

    by Erwin - Utrecht(NL) on 24 Jan 2011

    Smell it and just BUY IT!!!! There are no 10 stars..otherwise I gave it to this great Notebook!!!!
  102. traveler's notebook

    by Oleg - Belarus on 24 Jan 2011

    beautiful and high quality notebook.
  103. Marvelous notebook!

    by Inna - Togliatti, Russia on 24 Jan 2011

    What I like more after its cover is its simply-to-use flexible system. You can choose your own planning system and amend it according to your needs. Zipper pocket and credit card holder are very useful. Now I'm thinking about passport size but I’m not sure because of a small size.
  104. Made a great gift!

    by Jessie - NYC on 23 Jan 2011

    Bought this notebook for my brother for Christmas. He loved it, I know it will last him a long time. Very durable, great quality! Attractive, too.
  105. WOW!!

    by Erwin - Utrecht(NL) on 4 Dec 2010

    That's what my wife said, when I gave her this as a present for Sinterklaas(dutch holliday;)( I have the passport Size..)The looks, the smells,the feeling, there just AMAZING!! If you like, just as I,the "old skool look(s),...BUY IT!!!!!!!!
  106. Midori Heaven

    by Jhoanna - London on 25 Nov 2010

    I was scepitical about all the positive reviews and feared being disappointed, but I love it. Everything from the smell, the look, the feel, the adaptability of it and the packaging. I can't wait so personalise it and see it worn to add even more character to the leather. Very, very excited.
  107. Quality notebook with huge character

    by C A - London on 21 Oct 2010

    You very quickly get attached to this journal - just holding and using it is such a personal experience. Cover is tough and the refill system, while simple, gives huge flexibility. Problems though: rear knot and top fastener annoying when near the back or on a table, and it just won't lie flat.
  108. Gustav - London

    by Perfect - LOVE this notebook! on 19 Oct 2010

    I don't think I've ever written as much as I have since I received my Midori Traveler's Notebook. Since then I've purchased refills for it and it's now an everyday companion, with notebooks for different purposes, card holders, a wallet and more. Love it so much I bought the passport version too!
  109. Review of Midori Traveler's Notebook

    by Robert - Newry, Ireland on 24 Sep 2010

    If you want to buy a notebook brand new, but want it to look like you have owned it for years, this is the one. I use mine at work, to keep notes for jobs pending, work in progress, taking phone message etc. Just use one note book for each of the above, and a few post-it notes.
  110. Fantastic product, love it!

    by Salavat - Moscow on 22 Sep 2010

    I have been using Moleskine for over 9 years, but this one definitely has a touch. Flexible system, wonderful paper, very neat size to fit anywhere. Highly recommend.
  111. midori travelers notebook

    by cosmin - romania on 21 Sep 2010

    very good quality.
  112. Beautiful and Practical

    by June - UK on 16 Sep 2010

    Apart from being a beautiful item to own, it is so practical. The notebook inserts (which are also lovely in themselves) are just the right size, perfect in fact. I have just had a weeks holiday in Italy and completed one notebook. I also purchased the free diary (monthly) which is very useful.
  113. Midori Traveler's Notebook

    by SWZ - Philadelphia, Pa., USA on 14 Sep 2010

    A notebook epic enough to sidetrack a meeting with notoriously boring executives for 45 minutes while they oohed and aahed, caressed the cover, twanged the elastics and sampled the paper. Sure, a legal pad works. But why oh why would you go there when you could go Midori. Embrace the upgrade.
  114. A beautifully packaged, luxury notebook

    by Phileas Fogg - London on 7 Sep 2010

    Something about it says, built for a gentlemen, or suave, sophisticated worldly travelers. The inserts are a must, to try it's customization possibilities. There are less expensive and possibly far more practical notebook solutions. But to spoil yourself or a friend. You can't go wrong.
  115. Beautiful!

    by juno - UK on 28 Aug 2010

    This notebook is very simple but amazingly beautiful. I love how the cover becomes all scratchy with use, has an old world explorer feel to it. I use it as a 'road journal' together with a monthly diary, so I always carry it with me to write my thoughts on the move as well as check my schedule.
  116. Quality travel notebook - excellent.

    by Garden Girl - UK on 26 Aug 2010

    I bought this, with inserts, as a wedding gift for friends who like beautiful things and are meticulous journal keepers. We were all delighted with the quality, attention to detail and the practicality of the notebook; more usable for travel than a typical bound journal. I wish I had one myself!
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