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Tombow Mono 100 Drawing Pencil


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Tombow Mono 100 Drawing Pencil

One of the all time classic drawing pencils: the Tombow MONO 100 is a pencil of outstanding quality. It offers an intense contrast due to its dark, unbreakable, high-density graphite lead. Each MONO 100 pencil is finished in a high quality gloss black paint finish with gold lettering. Things we love about the MONO 100 include subtle quirks in its aesthetics, for example the way the hexagonal barrel merges seemingly seamlessly into a cylindrical end, which is marked with a white line. All MONO 100 pencils are supplied unsharpened. 

There are 17 degrees of hardness to choose from in the MONO 100 pencil range:

  • 9H-6H (extremely hard, ideal for special functions like lithography and cartography)

  • 5H-3H (very hard, ideal for technical and graphical drawings)

  • 2H-H (hard, ideal for geometrical and technical drawings)

  • HB-F (medium, for writing and linear drawing)

  • B-3B (soft, for freehand drawing and writing)

  • 4B-6B (very soft, for artistic drawing, sketches and drafts)

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