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TRAVELER'S Notebook // Refill #023 Film Pocket Stickers

TRAVELER'S Notebook // Refill #023 Film Pocket Stickers

Ever wanted keep your little travel mementos in your Traveler's Notebook? Well Midori's new #023 Traveler's Notebook Film Pocket Stickers are ideal for exactly that purpose. Just peel off a sticker and stick on the notebooks of your Traveler's Notebook to create an instant album. The pockets are large enough to keep shop cards, stamps, tickets and other little souvenirs of your travels.

Each refill pack contains 6 sheets of 3 stickers (so 18 stickers in total). These #023 Film Pocket Stickers are different from Midori's #004 Pocket Stickers, which are meant for sticking to the inside of the Traveler's Notebook's leather cover rather than on the paper pages inside.

We would also recommend Midori's #010 Double Sided Stickers for another effective way to mount things on to the pages of your Traveler's Notebook.

  • Type:

    Notebook Refill

  • Brand:

    TRAVELER'S Company

  • Colour:


  • Size (mm):

    110 x 220