Ciak & Cartesio

Different from all others and more like you. This is Ciak, the handy and versatile, soft and colourful notebook that finds its way into the life and pockets of everyone. Recognisable for its unique and amazing closure that gives character to the simplicity of its white pages. A black elastic band that opens and closes to release or protect your most hidden thoughts, that tightens in an embrace everything important that has been written. Essential and without ostentation, Ciak is ready to be customised, filled and characterised by words, sketches and intimate and personal emotions. Contemporary and modern, free from a cumbersome past that evokes historical myths and figures. Inserted into daily life and in the lives of young and old, travellers and businessmen, dreamers, poets and artists, in gathers with discretion all major thoughts and emotions, becoming more like you each day.


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