Kyoto Ink Brands

Born from a collaboration between stationery shop TAG and Kyoto Kusakubi Laboratory (a specialist in colour dyes), these inks are made in Kyoto following traditional Japanese dyeing techniques dating back to the Heian era. Expressing a rich ancient history dating back over 1000 years, these beautiful water-based inks are a joy to write with. The range covers two lines - Kyo-no-oto and Kyo-iro - made up of 10 traditional Japanese colours.


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Kyoto Ink
Kyoto Ink- Kyo no oto NO.12 - Ryokuyu iro
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NO.01 / NurebairoNO.02 / ImayouiroNO.03 / KokeiroNO.04 / YamabukiiroNO.05 / AonibiNO.06 / AdzukiiroNO.07 / HisokuNO.08 / UrahairoNO.09 / KeshimurasakiNo. 8 - MoegiiroNo. 10 - OchiguriiroNO.09 - SakuranezumiNO.11 / Ruri iroNO.12 / Ryokuyu iro+ 11 more
Kyoto Ink
Kyoto Ink - Kyo-iro - Fushimi's Flaming Red
Soft Snow of OharaStone Road of GionCherry Blossom of KeageMoonlight of HigashiyamaFushimi's Flaming Red+ 2 more