At the Journal Shop, we want to make it easier for you to choose a notebook that is adapted to your needs. A notebook is a perfect instrument to record your thoughts, generate new ideas and be more organised.  When picking a notebook, a lot of criteria has to be taken into consideration: size, material, cover, binding…

We hope you will find this guide helpful in choosing a notebook that you will enjoy using.


Taking notes at school or universities by hand can help you memorise and assimilate more quickly. By taking notes by hand, students get a deeper understanding of the class. 

These beautiful Rhodiarama notebooks feature a velvet-smooth cover, authentic hand-stitched spine, and, of course, fantastic fountain pen friendly Rhodia paper. The slim size is perfect to carry in a backpack.

Why we love it …   

The variety of colours allows you to assign a colour by subject ( Example: Biology= Green; Chemistry = Red; History= Blue …). 

Colour-coding your notebooks can make it easier to organise your notes.

A great simple notebook from Stalogy with a “Gokanshi” cover, a type of paper with a unique texture and a distinct feel.

Why we love it …  

The Stalogy notebook comes with a handy label that will help you with keeping track of your work.


At the office, we are all using MD Paper notebooks because of the high-quality paper and the minimalistic cover.

MD Paper Notebooks open flat thanks to their thread-stitch binding and feature fountain pen ink friendly paper throughout the range. Recognising the importance of the quality of the paper used to record memories, thoughts, and ideas by notebook users, Midori spent years honing its paper in pursuit of comfortable writing, ink resistance and anti-transparency.

Why we love it …  

The MD Notebook is our office favourite. High-quality paper with beautiful minimal design, what more can you ask for? 


To keep track of your creative process, a notebook is a useful companion.
If you are constantly doodling in your notebook or writing down your creative ideas, a notebook

Croquis sketchbook from Maruman Japan is ideal for sketching and drawing. The thick craft overprotects your pages inside.


While traveling, keeping a journal is a great way to write about your adventures, memories, expectations … You can also your travel journal as a scrapbook to illustrate your journey with museum tickets, postcards or polaroids.

Why we love it … 

Traveler’s Notebook has redefined the way people journal and take notes, whether for travel or otherwise! You can mix and match inserts so your notebook is tailored to your journey! Whether you take it out on an adventure or write in your backyard, the Traveler’s Notebook ages with you.

February 04, 2020