Now feels like a good time to reflect and reconnect with ourselves through simple rituals like journaling, meditating, or simply enjoying a warm cup of tea. 


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Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pen
Fluorescent Yellow 001Fluorescent Orange 002Fluorescent Pink 003Fluorescent Green 004Black 010Red 020Light Carmine 021Carmine Red 022Scarlet Red 023Wine Red 024Pink 025Light Pink 026Dark Pink 027Pale Pink 028Geranium Red 029Blue 030Cobalt Blue 031Persian Blue 032Persian GreenDull Blue 034Deep Blue 035Light Blue 036Cornflower Blue 037Peacock Blue 038Green 040Light Green 041Turquoise Green 042Olive Green 043Deep Green 044Pale Green 045Mid Green 046May Green 047Emerald Green 048Green Shadow 049Yellow 050Lemon Yellow 051Bright Yellow 052Yellow Green 053Pale Orange 054Pale Yellow 055Brown 060Light Brown 061Dark Brown 062Ochre 063Oatmeal 064Mid Brown 065Dark Oatmeal 066Mustard 067Deep Brown 068Blush 069Orange 070Natural Beige 071Beige 072Vanilla 073Light Beige 074Brick Beige 075Medium Beige 076Violet 080Light Violet 081Purple 082Lilac 083Deep Violet 084Gray 090Light Gray 091Blue Gray 092Green Gray 093Gray Brown 094Dark Gray 095Mid Gray 096Pale Gray 097Pale Dawn Gray 098Cool Gray 099Sugared Almond Pink 200Pink Haze 201Peach Pink 202Tea Rose 220Pink Flamingo 222Pale Rose 230Deep Red 260Haze Blue 302Shadow Mauve 303Marine Green 400English Lavender 803Pale Violet 806Warm Gray 2 900Gray Tin 901Natural Gray 902Platinum Brown 903Fog Gray 904Blender 999+ 87 more