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Zenith 548E/2 Stapler

Zenith 548E/2 Stapler

The 548E/2 is a sturdy and highly functional stapler by Italian brand Zenith. This stapler has the same features as Zenith 548, except it has a nickel-plated metal finish. This stapler gives you the option of both permanent and temporary stapling - the latter making it very easy to remove the staple (even without a stample remover!). Like all Zenith products, this stapler is extremely high quality and is carefully made in Italy.

  • Staple type: 6/4, 6/6

  • ZENITH staple ref.: 130/E - 130/Z 130/LM - 130/LL 130/Z 6

  • Loading capacity (N° of staples): 100

  • Max. stapling depth: 47mm.

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