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TRAVELER'S Notebook // Refill 005 : Free Diary (Daily)

TRAVELER'S Notebook // Refill 005 : Free Diary (Daily)

Why does a free diary refill cost money? Things that cost money aren't free! That's true, but this is still a free diary. Free because it has no preprinted dates. The top of each page has a blank space for the name of the month and a tick box for the day of the week.

The free diary has two months worth of pages, each month topped by an overview page for that month. The day pages themselves are grid paper, of the same type as the grid paper notebook refill (No. 002).

The image below shows the page layout for the month overview page (on the left) and the day pages (on the right, minus the text!).

  • Type:

    Notebook Refill

  • Brand:

    TRAVELER'S Company

  • Number of pages:


  • Paper colour:


  • Page layout:

    Daily diary

  • Size (mm):

    110 x 210