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Traveler's Company BRASS Pen // OLIVE Edition

Traveler's Company BRASS Pen // OLIVE Edition

Olive Limited Edition Series | What's inspired this new edition? 

Brand new for 2017, the Olive edition Traveler's Notebook series is a creation that has drawn its inspiration from the beautiful mossy Green colour of forests. 

It is said that Michio Hoshino, a Japanese born nature photographer, drew inspiration from the lush greenery of the wild Alaskan forests. His great photography is celebrated to this day and the Olive notebook pays tribute to his beautiful work and is inspired by his favourite colour. 

Basho and Santouka, were also said to have been inspired and to have written beautiful poetry by walking through the woodlands of Japan. 

Many greats have been inspired by nature and by the lush and calming greenery of woodlands and forests. Forests have always given the energy to create new pieces to the many artists who have traveled through them.

The journey is now yours to make. Be inspired by the beautiful Olive Edition Traveler's Notebook series. 

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