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TRAVELER'S Notebook 10th Anniversary Tin Set


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TRAVELER'S Notebook 10th Anniversary Tin Set

It's hard to believe Traveler's Notebook is 10 years old. In the past decade we've been clutching our Traveler's Notebooks in places all over the world, on long haul flights to exotic destinations and on a crushed Tube ride on our morning commutes. For many of us Traveler's Notebook has become part of our daily lives. Happy 10th birthday to our favourite notebook, journal and travel companion!

To celebrate Traveler's Notebook's 10th anniversary, TRAVELER'S Company have released a unique limited edition in the form of a mini sized Traveler's Notebook presented in a collectable tin with a special charm. They are available in black, brown and camel (each with a corresponding tin colour). The mini notebook comes in the form of a kit. You pick your favourite paper and bind it using a stapler. Also included is a charm and sticker, plus a history of the Traveler's Notebook.

The great thing about the 10th anniversary tin is that it is the perfect size and shape for your regular size Traveler's Notebook refills, making a great storage solution for them.

Every tin set comes with a postcard which you can fill out and return back to Traveler's Company for a chance to win a set of special limited 10th Anniversary items which cannot be bought anywhere, including a very rare white Traveler's Notebook! 

As always with Traveler's Company limited items, stock is limited. We do not expect to receive any further stock after the existing stock runs out.

Size: 2.7x4.9cm / 1x1.9inch.

  • Type:

    Notebook, Journal

  • Brand:

    TRAVELER'S Company