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The Journal

Five Coffee Shops to Visit in London
Whether you’re after your daily dose of caffeine, a fresh cup of matcha, or just a nice
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  • Past/Present
    In ye olde times, before Siri, how did people tell time?   When people say we’re in a
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  • Travel - Our Favourite Spots in Tokyo
    Flaubert once said “Travel makes one modest" , and it surely feels like that when you are in
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    Crafting is an activity that has always piqued people’s interest.  It‘s fun, relaxing, brings
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  • What Is Kawaii?
    Originally a national trend from Japan, the concept of “Kawaii” has become a globally
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  • Rollerball vs Ballpoint Pens
      Whether it’s a shopping list, memo to your partner or writing your Magnum Opus, we use
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  • How to Bullet Journal
    You’ve seen them on blogs, pinterest and instagram, but what exactly is a Bullet
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  • Best 2018 Planners
    Have a history of not sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Break the pattern this year with a
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  • How to Start a Diary
    Starting a diary can have many benefits.   If you have stomach complaints, a food diary
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  • The History of Pens
    The creation of the pen has essentially facilitated the very basis of our civilisation. It is
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  • The History Of Paper
    The invention of paper revolutionised society. We use paper to create bank notes, newspapers,
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  • Christmas Gifts for All Stationery Addicts
    In a festive rush to find the perfect present for that difficult someone? We’ve selected our
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