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The School of Life 'Emotional Baggage Pencil Case'

The School of Life 'Emotional Baggage Pencil Case'

The School of Life present the Emotional Baggage Pencil Case, a canvas pencil case celebrating the art of carrying our emotional baggage gracefully. We are all damaged in different ways and carry some kind of burden, but it makes an enormous difference whether we know how to deal with them. When we fail at this, we get defensive and bitter. This is emotional baggage badly carried.

The School of Life believes in trying to learn ways to be more deft about the damage we are burdened with: how to fathom it, how to set it in context and how to warn others of its existence in good time (when we are still calm). This smart canvas pencil case can rest on your desk or accompany you on your travels. It celebrates one of the most glamorous projects any of us can undertake: learning how to carry our emotional baggage well.

Heavy-duty canvas pencil case | Yellow or black with stitched label | 100% cotton | 200mm x 60mm x 30mm

  • Type:

    Pen Cases

  • Brand:

    The School of Life