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The School of Life Career Crisis Prompt Cards

The School of Life Career Crisis Prompt Cards

Looking for a job that will truly fulfill your potential? This is one of the greatest challenges we face. Unsurprisingly, many of us regularly have career crises: moments of intense anxiety about finding our true vocation. This anxiety can lead us to a rather dark place, where we end up getting stuck. These wise prompt cards are designed to get us unstuck and free up our thinking around work. 60 cards in box | 104mm x 73mm x 36mm.

Example Cards:

What job is the person doing whom you would most like to see fail? There are clues here.

A job you love doesn’t mean that there is only one job you could love. So it will always be reasonable to have regrets.

Not having a plan quickly puts us at the mercy of those who have one.

Which of these are you – in the end – best at: numbers, words, images, people?

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    The School of Life