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Pilot Frixion Click Ballpoint


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Pilot Frixion Click Ballpoint

The Pilot Frixion Ball retractable ballpoint pen (marketed in the West as 'Frixion Clicker') is an indispensable writing tool thanks to its genuinely innovative and pretty amazing thermosensitive Frixion ink. Just rub away at unwanted marks and you can cleanly write, delete and rewrite as often as you want. The Pilot Frixion's 0.7mm ball tip produces a 0.35 mm line width. The retractable Frixion Ball's barrel is 11.1mm in diameter and measures 146mm in length. 

The Pilot Frixion Ballpoint available with a finer 0.5mm tip, and in a variety of other Frixion styles and types (as a non-retractable version, a super fine version, a multicolour pen, as a highlighter, even as a colouring pen!). Visit the Pilot Frixion section of our store to see our full lineup.

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Pilot Frixion Click Ballpoint