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MT Washi Masking Tape // Block Pink

MT Washi Masking Tape // Block Pink

Block Pink MT Masking Tape. Iconic Japanese brand 'MT Masking Tape'. From MT's humble beginings in Japan, these colourful rolls of Washi masking tape are made using beautiful rice paper (washi) and are now loved all over the world. Made from traditional Japanese rice paper (Washi).

A vast (and we mean vast!) array of colours and patterns are available. Experiment to find your favourite and put them to use everywhere from your desk to around your home - the uses are endless. Once you begin to use MT Masking Tape you'll find countless ways to use it.

On a practical note, one of the things we love about MT Masking Tape is that you can use and reuse it. Easy to peel and it doesn't leave a mark, plus you can replace it and use it again. MT Masking Tape is definitely a staff favourite here at TJS.

  • Type:

    Masking Tape

  • Brand:

    MT Tape

  • Colour:


  • Quantity per pack:

    1 roll

  • Size (mm):

    15mm wide / 10m long