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Milan // 50 Transparent Case Cone-Tipped Fibrepens

Milan // 50 Transparent Case Cone-Tipped Fibrepens

These conic tipped fibrepens feature a strong and resistant tip which can be used to draw fine lines (0,75mm) or thicker lines up to 3mm. Ideal for both smaller drawings and larger works such as mural posters. The ink used is water-based and produce bright colours that are easy to apply and are mixable.
Designed for children, young people and adults, Milan markers feature different shapes and types of tips that suit different users. The colours are bright, and the ink used complies with the European regulation EN71 as well as the United States ATSM regulation. Furthermore, Milan markers are tested against drops and strong pressure, maintaining its shape and lines over time. All Milan markers have a ventilated safety cap, which prevents asphyxiation in case of swallowing.

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    Felt Pens

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