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Midori Writing Marker // Flying Squirrel

Midori Writing Marker // Flying Squirrel

Meet the adorable Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. Unbelievably cute, not to mention the fact that they can FLY. This led to a quick read on Wikipedia, which says that the 'Momonga' is nocturnal, eats fruit, seeds and nuts. And it can FLY, people! 

You can use these sticky notes as page tabs, to attach notes to pages you can't otherwise write on and for lots of other uses. 

You get 20 writing markers in total, two of each design. The stickers measure 118-120mm in length × 21-24mm in width.

  • Type:

    Sticky Page Markers

  • Brand:


  • Colour:


  • Quantity per pack:

    20 Markers

  • Size (mm):

    120 x 22mm