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Traveler's Company KRAFT String Envelope // Small : Brown

Traveler's Company KRAFT String Envelope // Small : Brown

Vertical type kraft envelope by Midori, with string enclosure. The vertical envelope measures 120mm x 80mm and is available in orange or brown kraft. Made using traditional production methods, each Midori Kraft Envelope has a slightly different appearance to its finish and thickness. The Midori string envelope is a nostalgic throwback to the classic string envelope of the past; today this envelope finds its place as a classic and elegant solution.

You can combine your Midori Kraft Envelope with Midori Brass Clips to create your own unique system. Also, don't forget to order some Midori labels to customise your Midori Kraft Envelope. The Midori labels are available in cream, kraft or grey and there are even especially made two sided stickers. You can find them in the Kraft Envelope section in this store, or by following the 'related products' links below.

  • Type:


  • Brand:

    TRAVELER'S Company

  • Colour:


  • Quantity per pack:

    8 Envelopes

  • Size (mm):

    120 x 80