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Midori Embosser Machine

Midori Embosser Machine

To use, simply insert paper or card and press to create an impression. The Midori Embosser takes rotational type cartridges and we stock all the designs - the letters of the alphabet and decorative motifs. See below for cartridges.

How to use:

1. Insert Cartridge into Embosser Machine.

2. Adjust the design location using the centre point and paper guide.

3. Simply press the lever and then the embossed design appears instantly.

4. To remove the Cartridge, use the one-touch cartridge release

Embosser Machine : H60 x W43 x D73mm

Cartridge : H22 x W26 xD54mm

  • Type:

    Craft Tools

  • Brand:


  • Colour:


  • Quantity per pack:

    1 Midori Embosser Machine

  • Size (mm):

    60 x 43 x 73 / 22 x 26 x 54