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Midori Electrostatic Wall Stickers


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Midori Electrostatic Wall Stickers

Midori's new electrostatic wall stickers are simply amazing! These smart stickers let you decorate your walls without leaving any marks or adhesive marks. Rather than use adhesive, these wall stickers use an electrostatic bond to stick to your wall or surface, which means they can be moved around freely. 

You can use Midori's Electrostatic Stickers on glass and mirrors, wooden furniture and doors, resins such as plastic or acrylic, metal such as stainless steel, steel or aluminium, and on (relatively smooth) wallpaper. You can even use them on concrete! Unfortunately you cannot use them on any surface which is uneven, such as fabrics or fluffy materials.

There are six designs to choose from: Dots, Garland, Alphabet, Balloon, Birthday Letters, and Birthday Cake.

Each pack of electrostatic wall stickers contains 4 sheets. Please see the images for details of the designs.

Please note: these stickers do not have an unlimited life span. Just like adhesive stickers, which lose their adhesivity after a while, electrostatic stickers can lose their static charge too.The advantage is that they leave no mark and can be repositioned easily.

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    4 sheets of wall stickers (assorted sizes)