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Mnemosyne 'Today's Act' Notebook N197A

Mnemosyne 'Today's Act' Task Management Notebook

We probably all have too many things to do - things we want to do and things we need to do. The solution? More hours in the day. Well that's not really a solution that we can offer you, but instead how about making more efficient use of the hours that you do have?

Mnemosyne's 'Today's Act' task management notebook is perfect for exactly that, featuring a simple layout that makes it easy to take in your to do list at a quick glance. How you use this is up to you. Some prefer to use it as a daily planner, while others find that it's useful as a medium term planner.  

At the top of each sheet there's a space for a general title, and underneath it, 18 rows for individual tasks. As you would expect from Mnemosyne's premium stock, the paper is very smooth and takes ink superbly. The sheets are also micro perforated, so it's easy to tear off completed pages. This is great because it means you can easily share the page or stick it up  in your workspace (or maybe the fridge).

The cover is a durable black PP stiff plastic cover. 

You can usefully combine Mnemosyne's 'Today's Act' notebook with Mnemosyne's To Do notepad to manage your tasks across both the medium term and the short term.

Contains 80 sheets.

  • Type:

    Notebook, Journal

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  • Page layout:

    Action / To Do

  • Size (mm):

    105 x 148