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Mnemosyne 'Roots' Notepad // A7 : Graph

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Mnemosyne 'Roots' Notepad with Graph Paper - A7

Mnemosyne's 'Roots' Notepad is a handy pocket sized A7 notepad with a stiff card rear cover (with virtually no flex when held in the palm) and a robust plastic front cover. Inside that sandwich is 70 sheets of premium quality smooth writing paper, micro-perforated for quick and easy sharing of notes. The page layout is 5mm x 5mm graph paper.

As with the rest of the Mnenomsyne range, the paper layout is set up for quick and easy referencing, so at the top of each page (just below the perforation), there is a space for a title and/or reference number. There are also two triangular boxes above the perforation line, which could be used for action management.

The format is very similar to Rhodia's classic spiral bound reporter notepad. You'll notice little differences though, like the deliberate omission of the first and last spiral ring along the length of the top of the notepad, the title/number fields and the fantastic Japanese paper. While the Rhodia notepad is excellent, we like the overall feel of Mnemosyne's offering.

This is part of Mnemosyne's 'Roots' range, which is the beginning of the creative workflow. Ideas start with a spark. Having a pocket notepad with you means you can develop that spark into something more substantial later (and on that note, see also Mnemosyne's 'Inspiration' and 'Imagination' lines).

Also available with plain paper.

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    70 sheets

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    74 x 105