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Mnemosyne Notepad Holder + Notepad // A5 : Graph

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Mnemosyne Notepad Holder

The Notepad Holder

Mnemosyne's Notepad Holder is a useful accessory to have, whether you use your Mnemosyne staple bound notepad on the move or at the office. 

The cover itself is made from stiff black plastic, protecting its contents from damage, spills and the like. Rather than having a loop style pen holder, there is a little intendation at the top of the spine which you can use to clip a pen to (the pen remaining inside the closed notepad holder). On the inside front cover there is pocket (which has a slip in it) for loose sheets of paper.

Comes with 1 x Mnemosyne A5 Staple Bound Notepad (Graph Paper) included (description below).

This version of Mnemosyne's Notepad Holder is also available with five pockets for more storage.

Also available in A4 size.


The Notepad

Mnemosyne's staple bound notepad is a minimalist affair. Black card covers 70 sheets of Maruman's original superior quality writing paper, sandwiched by a stiff card rear cover that offers some flex, but overall rigidity when held in the palm. The pad is staple bound and glued at the top.

Maruman's paper is really the star of the show here: 70 sheets of premium quality smooth writing paper, micro-perforated for quick and easy sharing of notes. The page layout is 5mm x 5mm graph paper. Interestingly, the the 5 x 5mm grids appear on only one side of the paper; the reverse is plain. This seemed unusual at first but actually offers flexibility in use.

As with the rest of the Mnenomsyne range, the paper layout is set up for quick and easy referencing, so at the top of each page (just below the perforation), there is a space for a date or reference number and title.

Mnemosyne's pad is similar to Rhodia's staple bound notepad. You'll notice little touches though, like the date/reference and title fields, the ease with which the sheets detach (no struggling or awkward tears here), not to mention that fantastic Japanese paper. So, while the Rhodia notepad is excellent, we like the overall feel of Mnemosyne's offering.

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    70 sheets

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  • Size (mm):

    150 x 210