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Mnemosyne N196A 'Portable Notepad'

Mnemosyne Portable Notepad N196

Mnemosyne's 'Portable Notepad' was designed for use in situations where operability is a priority. Each aspect of the Portable Notepad was conceived to make it perfect for taking notes in the field, while standing up, at meetings, etc. 

Its size is large enough to be a useful notepad, yet it still fits comfortably in your hand (it's a bit smaller than a traditional steno pad). Because the Portable Notepad isn't too thick, it will fit into a large pocket (e.g. a labcoat pocket), as well as a satchel or bag.

To assist with taking notes away from your deskor while standing, the rear cover is stiff enough to allow you to use the notepad without bending or flexing. 

Features Maruman's original high quality writing paper, with date and title fields at the top.

The cover is a durable black PP stiff plastic cover. 

Contains 50 sheets.

  • Type:


  • Brand:


  • Colour:


  • Number of pages:

    50 sheets

  • Paper colour:


  • Lines per page:


  • Page layout:


  • Size (mm):

    125 x 176