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Iconic // Sticky Book v.3 // Pattern

Iconic // Sticky Book v.3 // Pattern

This is the brand new 'Pattern' Sticky Book from Iconic, part of the new v3 lineup.

Each Sticky Book contains sticky markers of three sizes, in eight designs giving 240 sticky markers in total. Iconic's Sticky Book is handy and practical; its sticky markers are simple yet elegant, perfect for work and at home.

The largest size sticky marker measures 50 x 80mm, of which the Sticky Book contains one design. Next up are the medium sized sticky markers at 37.5 x 45mm, of which there are two different designs. Finally there are the smallest size, which are akin to page tabs, measuring 15 x 50mm and coming in five different designs.

Iconic's Sticky Book v.3 measures 80 x 150mm. Check out the other Sticky Book designs too!

  • Type:

    Sticky Page Markers

  • Brand:


  • Colour:


  • Quantity per pack:


  • Size (mm):

    80 x 150mm