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Hobonichi Planner & Cover Set 'This Is Magicant' | 2018

Hobonichi Planner & Cover Set 'This Is Magicant' | 2018

Mother (EarthBound in North America) is a video game series created by Shigesato Itoi, and after years of successful Hobonichi Techo cover designs, the series makes its return to the lineup in 2018. This year’s Mother covers include the leather cover Mr. Saturn (Ninja, Bird-Fishing, Ladder), Weeks book Magicant Map, and This is Magicant.

“This is Magicant.” portrays the world inside the mind of the main character Ness near the end of the game. You can see all the characters he meets in Magicant on this cover, including favorites like Flying Man, the snowman, the clock, the flower, the baby chick, the Star Master, Swoosh, naked Ness, and more. Looking through these characters will fill players with nostalgia as they remember all the little episodes that happened in Magicant. As a playful addition to the design, the inside of the pocket has a pattern that’s different from that on the outside. We hope you look forward to discovering it once you receive the cover.

The cover interior is a deep pink, with pen holders in blue and beige. The two bookmarks are green and red, and the Mother logo is inside the bottom right pocket.

You can use this cover to turn your Hobonichi Techo into your own Magicant, filling it with your own memories, sketches, and other personal musings.

Included free with this cover is a Mr. Saturn notepad. The notepad is in the traditional Japanese vertical style, with a color Mr. Saturn on the cover and monochrome Mr. Saturn on the pages. Written in the corner is the phrase, “Write so many.”

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    2018 Diary

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  • Size (mm):

    105 mm x 150 mm