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Hobonichi Cousin 2018 'Blue Gingham'

Hobonichi Cousin 2018 'Blue Gingham'

This prim, neat cover features a gingham checkered design printed in blue onto a white background. The cover’s look is softened by the coral pink pen holders and bookmarks.When you open the cover, the all-pink interior has a sweet, charming feel that provides a contrast against the strait-laced exterior. Look closely, and you’ll see that the checkered lines are not perfectly straight. They have some give to their shape to spice up this otherwise simple design. The material used in this cover is a finer polyester than our Colors cover series, giving this cover a natural feel reminiscent of cotton.

Note: The Hobonichi Cousin is Japanese language only. If you prefer an English language diary, please take a look at the A6 Hobonichi Planner.

  • Type:

    2018 Diary

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  • Quantity per pack:

    1 Hobonichi Planner; 1 Cover