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Hobonichi Cousin 2018 'Bird'

Hobonichi Cousin 2018 'Bird'

minä perhonen is a clothing brand that uses original, in-house fabrics created from artwork by designer Akira Minagawa. This Hobonichi Techo cover is created with one of minä perhonen’s trademark designs, "bird," which depicts a flock of migrating birds embroidered in bright colors onto linen fabric. The design demonstrates the way various personalities come together as one. "bird" was first revealed in the minä perhonen lineup in 2000 and has grown to become a popular design used in clothing, bags, and other accessories. The background material and thread colors have been specially chosen for this year’s Hobonichi Techo cover.

Note: The Hobonichi Cousin is Japanese language only. If you prefer an English language diary, please take a look at the A6 Hobonichi Planner.

  • Type:

    2018 Diary

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  • Quantity per pack:

    1 Hobonichi Planner; 1 Cover