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HMM Scissors with Base - Gold

HMM Scissors with Base - Gold

The HMM Scissors in Gold are a 2-in-1 essential tool reimagined with style. The unique design features an integrated boxcutter accessory (bottom right corner, picture 1). They provide a crisp, precise cut, while the wide blades and solid weight give the user a sense of confidence. A wonderful combination of Japanese steel and Taiwanese craftsmanship, these HMM Scissors make the perfect desk accessory.

These scissors come with a gold base, a sleek, minimalist home to the HMM Scissors. The custom-made magnet keeps the square-tip scissors on a firm base while displaying the product, giving it a sculptural feel. Also available in black and silver.

  • One pair of scissors and one base in same package

  • Scissors: Japanese stainless steel, titanium coating, TPR / 60g, 165*80*5mm

  • Base: brass, magnet / 83g, Ø50*7mm

  • Made in Taiwan

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