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Green Pressurised Space Pen Refill

Green Pressurised Space Pen Refill

What's so special about a Space Pen? Well, it's the pen that went to space, for a start! The unique pressurised ink cartridge enables writing on wet surfaces; underwater; on photographs; over grease; at any angle (even upside down); and, in the most extreme of temperatures ranging from -30º TO +250º F. Based on everything our customers tell us, the most common use is writing in the answers to a crossword puzzle while laying upside down!

Not content with creating the most functional pen on the planet, Fisher then went on to create a design icon. The Space Pen bullet has been featured in the Museum of Moden Art (MOMA) in New York for its classic design.

The pressurised Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge is really the heart of the Space Pen's extraordinary writing abilities - it can write in the freezing cold, boiling heat, under water, over grease and even in the gravity free vacuum of space. If you have a Parker Jotter ballpoint, you can use the ink refills to get all the writing abilities of a Space Pen in your Parker!

Green ink Space Pen refill with medium point. This is exactly the same point as on the refill that comes with new Space Pens, so if you're happy with the width of your Space Pen's writing line as it is now, then the medium point is for you.

This refill will fit all Space Pens from the 400, 600 and 800 series of pens (including the Bullet Space Pen), but not multi-action Space Pens. 

The refill also comes with a free adaptor that enables use with Parker Jotter ballpoint pens.

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