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Field Notes // "Pony Express" Leather Pouch

Field Notes // "Pony Express" Leather Pouch

This beautiful 'hand-tooled' leather pouch is made using the finest quality American leather. In creating this timeless piece, inspiration was drawn from the classic USPS carrier bags in the 80's - a durable, thick carry pouch. Each pouch is produced at Tanner Goods of Portland, in Oregon.

The pouch will fit up to three Field Notes Memo books and features 'No. 138 weight' polyester-based sadle stitching, all around the pouch. The pouch is kept tightly shut using a 24 'Four-Piece' ring snap enclosure, ensuring that your contents stay firmly inside. 

The Grade A leather is sumptuous and overtime it matures, becoming darker, softer and more supple with time and use. 



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    Field Notes

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  • Size (mm):

    90 x 140