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Coccoina 603/P Adhesive Paste | 125g - Purple Label

Coccoina 603/P Adhesive Paste | 125g - Purple Label

Famous worldwide for its unique design and lovely almond fragrance, the iconic Coccoina 603/P is a highly effective white adhesive paste presented in the traditional aluminium can including a brush and a coloured label - here in purple. This glue works perfectly on lots of different materials, including paper, clothes, photos, labels and so on. Super easy to use and ideal for children, as it is 100% solvent free. Also available in pink, light blue and cream labels.

  • Glue based on dextrine of potato flour in water (solvent free) 

  • For longer usage, replace the cap tightly after each application.

  • Maximum period of storage: not more than 12 months.

  • Type:

    Adhesives, Glue, Sticky Tape

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