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Blackwing 73 Limited Edition Pencils

Blackwing 73 Limited Edition Pencils

The concept behind the new Blackwing 73 Limited Edition Pencils is that one cannot fully understand a place or the people living in it without understanding the paintings, writings and songs created on its soil: the natural wonder of Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada is a perfect example. The works of countless artists tell of a place of both breathtaking natural beauty and perilous unpredictability; a place that stands at the front line of the age-old conflict between the natural world and the encroachment of civilization.

As a result of human ambition, the lake’s signature blue color began to disappear in the 1960s, and its Secchi depth (a unit used to measure clarity) plummeted to 66.6 feet by 1997. Fortunately, through aggressive conservation efforts, the lake has begun to regain its remarkable clarity.

Blackwing 73 celebrates Lake Tahoe and other landmarks that have had a comparable impact on arts and society. Each pencil features a Tahoe blue finish and raised texture that mimics the lake’s topography. The number 73 references Lake Tahoe’s last measured Secchi depth of 73 feet.

Each set contains 12 limited edition pencils.

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