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Hobonichi Weeks Mother 2 Drink Coffee Before Go? 2019 (Japanese)

Hobonichi Weeks Mother 2 Drink Coffee Before Go? 2019 (Japanese)

This weekly-edition Hobonichi Techo is a compact book that’s easy to carry everywhere.

Mother (EarthBound in North America) is a video game series created by Shigesato Itoi and released in 1994. After years of successful Hobonichi Techo cover designs, the series makes its return to the lineup in 2019. Drink coffee before go? is a Weeks book featuring a photograph of Mr. Saturn in his home sweet home. The back of the cover shows a Mr. Saturn offering coffee to Ness, with items around them showcasing the cuteness of the characters.

Fans who have played the game back when it first came out may recognize the figurines of the characters. These famous and precious figurines were used in the photography of the official guidebook originally included with the game. Now, twenty years later, they make their comeback on a Hobonichi Techo cover. You can see on the cover the way the figurines have been painstakingly created from all angles.

Photographer Machiko Odan took the pictures for the cover print, and the items in Mr. Saturn’s house were lovingly created by stylists Maiko Akiyama and Yuta Akiyama to back up the quality of the original figurines.

Along with the other Mother 2 covers in the 2019 series, Drink coffee before go? comes with a mini envelope. When fighting enemies in the game, your character will occasionally strike a critical hit, and the word “SMAAAASH!!” appears on the screen. The iconic graphic is printed on these small envelopes, with blue on the front and yellow on the back. We hope you can find a use for these in a special situation!

  • Type:

    2019 Diary/Planner

  • Brand:


  • Colour:


  • Number of pages:

    240 pages Tomoe River paper

  • Paper colour:


  • Lines per page:

    Graph paper and calendar

  • Page layout:

    Weekly diary (vertical)

  • Quantity per pack:

    1 Weeks softcover

  • Size (mm):

    W: 95 x H: 186 x D: 10 mm