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2019 Traveler's Notebook Diary

We are eager anticipating the release of the 2019 line of Traveler's Notebook Diary refills and 2019 starter kits. If you already have and use a Traveler's Notebook, we'd recommend picking up a 2019 refill to get the most out of your TN. You can get these in weekly, weekly + notes, or monthly formats. Alternatively if you are new to the Traveler's Notebook or would like a separate cover (a new colour perhaps?) we recommend you pick up a starter kit, which comes prefilled with 2019 diary refills in your preferred layout. Available in all four Traveler's Notebook colours.
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  1. Stickers
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  3. 2019 Diary/Planner
  1. TRAVELER'S Company
  1. Pocket
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  1. Black
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  4. Camel
  5. White
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  1. Monthly diary
  2. Weekly diary (horizontal)
  3. Weekly diary (vertical)
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  1. Ivory

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